Please use the English 10 and English 10 Co-teach Google classroom site for all class assignments
Five-week mark - 10.13

End of first quarter - 11.4

Five-week mark 12.9

End of second quarter - 1.20

Five-week mark - 3.10

End of third quarter 4.7

Five-week mark 5.19

End of fourth quarter 6.23

Instruction for Test Analysis
Purpose – this is a high level thinking assignment, because it asks you to synthesize your thoughts with others thoughts who contrast your own. Remember, contrast is how we learn. How can your perspective of the “right” answer be so different from someone else’s “right” answer? Then, you must take all of that and examine how your perception has changed, if at all. Metacognition folks!
  • Test Analysis is not compulsory.
  • You can earn up to ten points back on your analysis
  • You cannot earn points back if you misread a question (in other words, if you did not see an except)
  • You cannot rewrite Test Analysis
  • Test Analysis must be typed, 12-point font, Times New Roman, single-spaced.
  • Please email me your test analysis as an attachment or share as Google document
  • Use at least two quotes for part A and two quotes for part C in your analysis from the text if you want to be certain to get all your points back.

Test Analysis consists of three parts:

Part A – What your original answer was and why you chose it. Please use the text to answer this question- this means quotes. Page numbers. This should be a solid paragraph or more.
Part B – Use the class argument to substantiate why the class voted on a specific answer. Use precise arguments from the class discussion. – Who said what and why. This is why you should take notes during the argument – for reference in your analysis. This also should be a solid paragraph of writing.
Part C – This is the most important part of the test analysis. It answers the question: What do you think now after hearing different arguments? Did you change your mind and agree with the class and why? Do you remain sure of your original answer and why?
Do you think another answer that was not originally chosen by you or the class is now the best answer and why? This is where you can refute your classmates. USE THE TEXT. You will need quotes from the book to earn high points back.